My feelings;

Explore them at your will...

Literally every time I write this word…

Literally every time I write this word…

“I been drinkin
I been drinkin

– Chris

“He looked so pathetic. So pathetic, those words! My mother was doing it again, making me see black where I once saw white. In her hands, I always became the pawn. I could only run away. And she was the queen, able to move in all directions, relentless in her pursuit, always able to find my weakest spots.”

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

Why You No Tumblr?

As an ex-aspiring writer, I feel the need to slightly make note of my life’s course at present. It’s certainly not making tumblring easy, on account of all this stress and sleep that I need to get through each day. 

My last O Level exams are in Oct/Nov this year. Not many people take two years to do all their exams, but sadly I did. I don’t think this should affect my further education because my A Levels will be what they take into consideration. If I move to America, neither of these will matter, unless I attend a university that recognizes them as degrees.

I’ve been getting through my studies 5-10 pages at a time and spending the rest of my time sleeping or playing Earthbound. 

I may be very depressed. Spending my days inside this city isn’t very enticing for the mind. There are just buildings and buildings, covered with a thick layer of pollution in every element. I hate this place. I’m sick of studying all this boring shit. 

I don’t know what I want to do anymore. 

But I guess I’ll just be doing English Literature. 

The least caging subject of them all.